Medium CBD Essential

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Containing 300mg of CBD, with an additional full-spectrum of accompanying phytocannabinoids. Our capsules are unique in todays market boasting a patented water-soluble, full-spectrum cannabis extract powder with an extremely high absorption rate, blended with the finest quality Organic Turmeric and Organic Black Pepper for their superfood benefits to aid with inflammation and absorption.

  • 300mg CBD per bottle
  • Water-Soluble, High Absorption:The cannabinoids are absorbed into the blood stream at an extremely high rate of over 92% so you get more bang for your buck.
  • Full-Spectrum: Each capsule contains a minimum of 10mg CBD, then the additional full-spectrum of accompanying phytocannabinoids on top of that, to make use of the entourage effect of cannabis benefits.
  • Super Critical CO2 Extracted: The elite standard of cannabis extraction, producing a cleaner, purer product.
  • EU Sourced Hemp: All our hemp is sourced from the EU to ensure the highest soil standards available worldwide. Organically grown, pesticide and chemical free.
  • Organic Turmeric and Black Pepper: This power couple has been selected for the remarkable anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric with the increased absorption properties of black pepper.
  • Easy to swallow: Perfect for an on-the-go supplement to be taken with water either at home or out and about.
  • Lab tested: Third party lab tested to ensure guaranteed amounts of CBD and confirmation of a full-spectrum cannabinoid profile.
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Legal trace amounts of THC only

Patented HempCAP™ full-spectrum cannabis extract powder. Organic Turmeric. Organic Black Pepper.


Contains 30 capsules. (Each capsule contains a minimum of 10mg CBD)

Recommended daily serving

1 to 3 capsules per day.

Recommended daily serving

Swallow capsules whole, with a glass of water.

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